Dirk Teeuwen


Minahassa and the Dutch
Dirk Teeuwen MSc, Holland

The aim of this Minahassan subcategory is to contribute to the understanding of the special interrelationship of Minahassa and the Netherlands. Special, because of its historical and religious character.

Asian elegance

"Military Parade 1936", troopers ride over Waterloo Plein (Waterloo Square, now Lapangan Banteng); Batavia-Jakarta. Cavalry of the Royal Dutch East-Indian Army is breaking into a gallop. Two Dutch officers ride in front, right from us.
A Manadonese warrant-officer (from Manado, North-Sulawesi/North Celebes, breaks into a gallop also. His Manadonese-Dutch lower ranks follow him. These excellent Manadonese-Dutch colonial military men are saluting officials in their special way.

Minahassa, old postcards
Tondano 1929>
Girl, Tondano 1925

Minahassa, schoolplates
Tondano 1911 >
Girl, Tondano 1935 >>

Selection of photographs, old and new
Manado, picture galery
Manado 1996>
Manado flower 1996


Minahassa. short history
Street scene in Manado 1936 >
Girl, Manado 1935

Sawangan, Waruga-Waruga
Sawangan Cemetary: tombstone, the grave of KNIL-sergeant Theodorus Ewangke
Sawangan 1996>
Sawangan beauty>>