Dutch period in Indonesia, colonial economic-social facts and figures by drs Dirk Teeuwen MSc

Some information from the modern Dutch Period in Indonesia, richly illustrated economic, social, tourist, agricultural data, etc.


Java 1928, facts, figures, pictures

The importance of Batavia-Jakarta from the air in 1928

Batavia-Jakarta 1928, facts, pictures

Palace at Bogor, Java 1928 >

Queen Wilhelmina

Jonkheer (Esquire) De Graeff, Governor-General of the Dutch East-Indies (Indonesia), 1928

Queen of The Netherlands and its Overseas Territories, 1928

Cavalry squadron of the Dutch East-Indian Army circa 1930. Right and in front of the troop their adjudant. Left in front a Javanese sergeant. Source > Gedenkschrift KNIL 1830-1950; Dordrecht Holland 1990, p.31

Jan Pietersz Coen, founder of Dutch East-India and of Indonesia, 1619


J. B. van Heutsz, governor-general 1905-1909, finished the work of Coen