Rendezvous Batavia - Historical sites of Jakarta


On this page the visitor could find quite easily the subjects in which she or he is interested. An example! Portuguese Church has been classified in Kota as well as in Churches, etc.


Old Dutch Batavia, Jakarta Kota, Kota Pelabuhan Kolonial, Oud Batavia:

Sunda Kelapa Harbour, Oude Havenkanaal and vicinity:


Sunda Kelapa, Tanjung Priok, old and new

Old Sunda Kelapa, het Havenkanaal


Harmoni Square:

Old Kali Besar, Ciliwung River

Clubhouse Harmoni

Gereja Portugis, Gereja Sion, Portugese Buitenkerk, Dutch Portuguese Church

Harmoni Square West, Marine Hotel


Medan Merdeka and vicinity, Merdeka Square, Koningsplein, Lap. Banteng, Waterlooplein:


Citadel Prins Frederik, Mosque Istiqlal

Pejambon, Hertogs Park, Wilhelmina Park

Churches, kerken, gereja gereja:


The V.O.C.-castle of Jakarta-Batavia:

Gereja Sion Portuguese Church Portugese Kerk


Tugu, church and kampung

The Castle of Jakarta-Batavia, an introduction


The Amsterdam Gate of the Jakarta-Batavia Castle


The Amsterdam Gate of the Jakarta-Batavia Castle,more pictures