Nieuwpoort, Holland
Dirk Teeuwen MSC

A soldierly approach

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Aims of this subsection

In this subsection I try to publish articles oriented towards my place of residence Nieuwpoort, Holland, as well as Nieuwpoort's typically Dutch vicinity. Historical facts and experiences are always important in my illustrated articles. On this page you can find - among other things - some military pictures from the Dutch olden days. Skating Dutch infantry is very Dutch: scroll down. In memory of my, much too modest, grandfather Dirk van Dam I selected some soldierly photos of him from about 1910 as well.

Dirk van Dam 1915 <<<< >>>> his Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands

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1. Richly illustrated poetry
Thinking of Holland
The Charge of the Light Brigade

2. Nieuwpoort-Holland and its vicinity
Nieuwpoort Fortress
Nieuwpoort Holland, Graveland Town Gate
Ameide-Tienhoven, historic town

3. Nieuwpoort-Holland, castles
Ameide-Tienhoven, Herlaer Castle
Heemstede Castle
Dussen Castle

4. Recommended links
Historical Society Ameide-Tienhoven, Holland


1. Richly illustrated poetry

"Your roses and lilies may make the men sigh,
but roses and lilies and sighs pass away.
And passion will die,
as your beauties decay."

Wonderful Dutch poem from "Sara Burgerhart" by Lady Betje Wolf and Lady Aagje Deken; The Hague 1782, p. 379. Library Dirk Teeuwen

Thinking of Holland

Alfred Tennyson, poet; 1809-1892
Poem "Charge of the Light Brigade"

The Charge of the Light Brigade was a famous and und very brave charge of British Light Cavalry led by Lord Cardigan (1797-1868) against Russian forces during the Crimean War. Date: morning 11u15, October 25th 1854 Crimean War. Charging: 4th and 13th Light Dragoons; 17th Lancers; 8the and 11th Husars; Commander Major-General James Brudenell (Lord Cardigan).

The Charge of the Light Brigade

2. Nieuwpoort and its vicinity

Nieuwpoort Vesting, Nieuwpoort Fortress
Nieuwpoort Holland, Graveland Gate
Ameide-Tienhoven, historic town


4. Recommended links and account of sources

Historical Society Ameide-Tienhoven, Holland