Indonesia in old postcards, Dirk Teeuwen MSc

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Malang, Smeroestraat 1937 (Smeroe Street, now Jalan Semeru). The original Dutch architecture is more than beautiful. The way it looks now is very disgusting. The left corner (up) corresponds with my photo left from 2006, the right corner corresponds with my photo right also from 2006. Absolutely tasteless treatment of heritage. Source: Nitour Wereldgids (Nitour World Travel Guide), N.I. Tourist Office, Batavia 1937.

Below: the very colonial Toko Oen, Malang

< Masdjid Raja (the main mosque) build in 1906 by the Dutch architects Klingenberg and Dingemans and financed by the Dutch East-Indian Deli Maatschappij (Deli Plantations Company) as well as by the Chinese business man Tjong-a-Fie. The Old Mosque >

< Hotel Siantar, 1936/Belawan Harbour, circa 1920 >


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